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Get the best lawn on the block with Super Green's Turf Care Program.  Our Turf Care Program includes a 3-step proven formula for a beautiful green lawn.  Dethatching, Core Aeration Treatment, & Lawn Fertilizer Applications are essential for the perfect lawn.  A vibrant green lawn does not happen by accident, it requires nutrients and good soil to grow. 



The foundation of any healthy lawn begins at the root.  A strong root base improves the durability and water retention of the lawn.  The first step of our Turf Care Program is Dethatching.  Lawn Dethatching removes the layer of dead grass and debris in your lawn.  Over time, thatch begins to accumulate within the grassroots and if not removed it can decrease the health of your lawn.  The build-up of thatch prevents water and nutrients from entering the soil and reaching the roots. 


Lawn Dethatching is an essential first step towards restoring the health of your lawn and keeping it green for years to come.  It creates an optimal soil environment for healthy grassroots to grow and strengthen.  

Core Aeration Treatment

Once your lawn has been properly dethatched, it is now time for the second step of our Turf Care Program.  A Core Aeration Treatment is your lawn's next step to health and beauty.  Prior to Fertilizer Applications, your lawn should be treated with a Core Aeration.  Core Aeration Treatment involves perforating the soil by pulling 2-inch cores from the ground allowing water, nutrients, and fresh air to penetrate the grassroots. 


Core Aeration also breaks up compacted soil.  Areas on your lawn where foot traffic is common will require more frequent Core Aeration Treatments than areas where foot traffic is less common.  Core Aeration can be done in the spring and the fall when temperatures are lower which is the most optimal time for Lawn Fertilizer Applications.

Lawn Fertilizer Application

The final step of our Turf Care Program is Lawn Fertilizer Applications.  Now that the foundation of your lawn has been cared for, it's now time for your lawn to establish a healthy green look.  Lawn Fertilizer Applications provide the nutrients your lawn needs to grow healthy and most importantly free of weeds.  Lawn Fertilizer helps your lawn grow thick which prevents weeds and pests from taking over.

The more fertilizer applied to your lawn the healthier it will be.  The timing of when Lawn Fertilizer should be applied is the most important.  You can count on our team at Super Green Lawn Care to provide you with expert Lawn Fertilizer Applications.

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